La Paloma Residence

Project Details:

This historic designated Mexican colonial structure is sited as a jewel in the foothills of the Santa Catalina mountains, and has been considered to be one of the premier residential properties in the region. Falling into disrepair after several decades of inattention, La Paloma Residence recently underwent a significant restoration of dated infrastructure, a comprehensive renovation of all functional living areas and additions, adding to the historic property. The estate, originally featured in the Architectural Digest in 1962, was the primary residence for a prominent developer pioneering a design aesthetic that introduced Mexican Colonial architecture to the American Southwest. Initially, the young architect Juan Worner Baz from Mexico City, was commissioned for his noted reputation, his use of new technology and selection of unique building materials, including precast concrete screens and Scoria used for architectural profiles and “super-sized” stone architectural features. The recent improvements were made with strict limitations, recognizing and honoring the historic significance and original effort, and as a result, earned a historic preservation award reflective of the honest reconstruction.

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